Artscow: 30 Page 8x8" Photo Book only $10 + Free Shipping

Artscow: 30 Page 8x8" Photo Book only $10 + Free Shipping


Artscow is offering a splendid deal that blows a lot of photo book deals out of the water: a 30 page, 8 x 8" book for only $9.99 with free international shipping! Hello swell deal! Make sure to use the coupon code provided to get your discount, as it shaves a worthy $5 and shipping costs off the original price.

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  • Discount: Photo book for $10 + free shipping
  • Coupon Code: 30P8X8999
  • Expires: 27th, January 2011

I have one product from Artscow and I love the quality of it.. and think it is just fab. My only complaint is it took ages to get here, but if you don't mind waiting it isn't a big deal. On the same note I have been waiting 3 weeks for Photobook Canada to process my order and it still has not gone through, so maybe Artscow isn't so bad.


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  • Jenny
    Ordered from ArtsCow in early November and received my order after Christmas. Postage on the envelope was nowhere near what they charged me (coming from Hong Kong) and the order was incorrect, they sent me the wrong product. That being said, quality was very good so I guess it depends on if you can afford to wait or not...
    • Liz
      I've used them numerous times. shipping takes a while, but I've always enjoyed the results of the albums. Have also bought the stretched canvas pictures, and liked them as well. it pays to sign up with them, and they will send you specials every once in a while. You can get some really good deals with them.
      • Anna
        Yeah, I have used them a few times. The length of shipping doesn't bother me, as I always order well in advance of the occasion. It's great fun to give out these interesting personalized photo gifts to friends and family! I gave my sister a washcloth with a pic of her and her boyfriend, that went down well :)