Apple Watch 42mm Clearance $336 @

Apple Watch 42mm Clearance $336 @

The Apple Watch Sport 42mm Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band is on clearance for $336 (was $468) and there are only a few left. It's available in a white band but I like the white band anyway. In comparison, the 38 mm watch is $359 @ I have the 42 mm one myself and can't say enough about it. I feel the smaller one would be more difficult to use, simply because of the smaller screen.

I consider the Apple Watch to be a life changer by being such a helpful gadget. The missed texts and alerts were the main reason for me wanting the watch but there are so many things you can do with the watch and so much of it is automated with very little setup. Even if you're a non-techy sort of person you'll find the interface to be easy to navigate through.

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