Apple Store Canada: Free iPod Touches With Apple Macs!

Apple Store Canada: Free iPod Touches With Apple Macs!

(BUMPING post - offer ends soon - make your purchase before the 8th September 2009)

Macs and music – good combination, eh? Apple Canada seems to be advertising this promo quite early, for it to be considered a “back-to-school” event. From now until the 8th of September 2009, there’s a great rebate offer when you buy a brand new Mac from Apple.

When you buy the Apple Macbook or desktop computer, you should buy an iPod music player in the same transaction. If you do so, you can send in a mail-in rebate to get back the full value of the mp3 player!

If you are a student or staff member at certain educational establishments, you will be eligible for this offer! Even if you are not eligible, you might know a student who would be eligible to get you the discount?

Rebate possibilities:

  • iPod touch - $259
  • iPod classic 120GB - $259
  • iPod nano 16GB - $219
  • iPod nano 8GB - $169
  • iPod shuffle 4GB - $99

As you can see, the ipod Touch is the highest value device.

Unfortunately, the deal from doesn’t apply to items from their refurb store. Brand new Macs aren't cheap! A friend of mine recently bought a new Macbook, and he absolutely loves it. Like me, he's always been a PC user but finds the Macbook excellent. I might be tempted to switch sides too!


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  • Zain
    hey i had a question.... so when u buy a macbook u get a ipod touch free rit :S... kk and if ur gona get a ipod touch free with ur macbook then y shud u buy an mp3 player in the same transaction :S
    • Anna
      You have to pay for it first.... then they give you a rebate... it's all explained above... :)