Apple iTunes Store: Car Camera DVR Dashboard GPS App | Was $4 Now Free (EXPIRED)

Apple iTunes Store: Car Camera DVR Dashboard GPS App | Was $4 Now Free (EXPIRED)

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Good morning, Bargainmoosers! For a very limited time, you can download an interesting app from the Apple iTunes store that normally costs $3.99 for free! This program that's compatible with iPhones and iPads is a Car Camera DVR Dashboard GPS App, which can be quite useful. Since it's a free download, you'll be able to start using this app within minutes!

This Car Camera DVR Dashboard GPS App has some intriguing features. It helps you use your iPhone or iPad as a dashboard camera, which can be very handy! It can also work as a GPS to help you navigate and plan your trips! This is a great app to have, especially since it's absolutely free! I highly recommend that you download it now before it goes back to $3.99!

If you've ever been in a car accident, you'll know how important it can be to have a car camera on your dashboard. With this app, you can record hours of video while you're driving, so if an accident ever unfortunately happens, you have video proof of what went down that can help you out.

You don't find honest people everywhere you go, so if they try to blame you for an accident when they were clearly at fault, this app's video recording capabilities can help you prove them wrong.

The Car Camera DVR Dashboard GPS App has some great reviews on the Apple iTunes website. I've included one brief review from a user of this app below:

A car accident made me perform research into apps for recording your driving. I only wished I had done this on my own a day earlier; this app would have proves exactly what occurred before, during, and after the incident . I just wish it would run in the background and continue recoding and allow me to use my GPS app while driving.

Download this app as soon as you can before it goes back to regular price! I hope you all enjoy your Sunday, Bargainmoosers!

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