Apple Canada: Refurbished Apple TV - $85 (Save $24)

Apple Canada: Refurbished Apple TV - $85 (Save $24)

I have been trying to chase down an affordable Apple TV for a while. Whenever they go on sale at Staples or wherever, they always sell out so quickly that even if I do place an order, it gets cancelled (boo). Right now you can get a refurbished Apple TV for only $85 at Apple Canada! (Thanks for the price correction!)

I LOVE buying refurbished. It comes with a full warranty and a smaller price tag. You are saving $24 on this unit. On Apple products, that is pretty good since they don't often go on sale.

A friend of mine recently got an Apple TV and swears buy it. He has tried both Netflix and Apple TV, and just finds the selection and availability of what he wants is far better on the Apple TV, like night and day. I have been dreaming of getting one so that I can stream what is on my iPad directly to my TV screen, as that just doesn't work without one.

Includes free shipping.

Quantities are limited.

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  • Karen
    On the Apple website, these are actually listed at $85, not $95. Even better!
    • Avigayil M.
      Thanks! Updated the price! :-)