Apple Canada: Refurbished 3rd Gen iPad 16GB Wifi - $379

Apple Canada: Refurbished 3rd Gen iPad 16GB Wifi - $379

Apple Canada has a great deal on a refurbished iPad with Wi-Fi 16GB - Black (3rd generation). The new models cost $499, but you can get this refurbished model with full warranty for $379!

All refurbished models include:

  • same one year warranty as new models
  • brand new battery and outer shell
  • all manuals and accessories

I would love to upgrade to the iPad 3 from my iPad 2 and at this price I can actually consider it. I love the new Airplay feature which allows you to stream content directly to speakers or your HDTV from your iPad. That just takes mobile electronics to a whole other level! I love my iPad and find it invaluable for university. I take notes on it and use it to organize my assignment and keep track of emails, appointments, group meetings, and class times. I like the ability to record lectures and it has a built in keyboard that I can actually type fast enough on for decent notes. It is light enough that it doesn't kill my shoulders and add weight on top of my textbooks. I think the iPad is fantastic.

The refurbished iPad costs over $99 so you will get it shipped to you for free.

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  • Jo
    All sold out, didn't expect they would go so fast.
    • Avigayil M.
      Sorry Jo! Apple products are always in high demand so whenever they do have a good deal it does seem to go awfully fast!