Apple Canada: iPad 2 Reduced - Starting at $419

Apple Canada: iPad 2 Reduced - Starting at $419

This is a really popular post over on the forums, and thought I would stick it on the blog. The iPad 2 has received a price reduction from the Apple Store: Now starting at $419 (was $519)!

If you are not the type of person who needs to have the latest model of everything, this is a great deal - $100 off. It comes with the standard warranty from Apple Canada that you can extend as well. The iPad 2 is a great improvement over the iPad 1. It has a camera (big difference) and even my husband sees that the screen on the iPad 2 is brighter and a better quality that the one on the iPad 1. I notice that it is a bit lighter and I really enjoy the magnetic cover so I can show off my fabulous Gelaskin on the back.

Thanks so much to Mooser Margie for posting this on the hot deals forum!

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  • Anna
    I <3 my iPad 2 :)
    • bill
      Still think it's a bit expensive....hoping it will go down more
      • Anna
        Based on last year, I can't see that happening. There was one price drop on the old iPad, and they sold out and moved on to the next.
      • cyber 2.
        I think it's easier to get deals on the services, that way you can save some.. There are companies offering good deals on plans for iPad, for example: