Apple Canada: Apple TV - $85 + Free Shipping ($24 Off)

Apple Canada: Apple TV - $85 + Free Shipping ($24 Off)


Last time I posted about this deal (end of July if you are curious) it sold out like hot cakes... not that hotcakes sell but they get eaten pretty darn quick if you stick chocolate chips in them. Back to Apple TVs. Right now you can get a refurbished Apple TV for only $85 at Apple Canada with free shipping! They sell for $109 at regular price.

I LOVE buying refurbished. It comes with a full warranty and a smaller price tag. You are saving $24 on this unit and since Apple recently changed their free shipping policy from $99 down to $85 you also save on shipping fees. On Apple products, refurbished is doubly important because they do not go on sale very often.

As I have mentioned before: A friend of mine swears by his Apple TV after having tried both Netflix and Apple TV. This is due to the selection and availability of what he wants to watch. I am holding out on getting one until after I finish my bachelor degree so that I actually finish my degree and get good grades with the least amount of distractions. I think it is the best alternative to having no cable. Any of our Moosers own one? What do you think?

Quantities are limited.

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