Angry Birds Toys on Clearance From $5 @ Toys R Us

Angry Birds Toys on Clearance From $5 @ Toys R Us

I took my son into Toys R Us on Friday to pick out a new toy to buy with his own money, and I spotted these totally adorable Angry Birds sets on clearance sale for five bucks. It inspired me to see if they were sold online when I got home, and sure enough - they are! So here I am, telling you about the variety of Angry Birds toys and items on clearance sale starting at $4.98 at Toys R Us Canada. Plus, they are even offering free shipping on most orders over $24 this weekend, which is the first time I have seen them offer that.

So the two sets I bought for my son and his cousin to play with this weekend, are the Angry Birds Stella Telepods Piggy Palace Playset Gameand the Angry Birds Stella Birds Rock Together Collectionwhich are both on clearance from $9.98 down to $4.98. They both qualify for free shipping when you spend $24, or free in-store pickup.

Both the kids have been having a lot of fun with these. I thought my three year old would have a harder time understanding, but he has been playing right along. The pieces are small enough that I wouldn't let a kiddo any younger play with them, but my three year old is having no issues with playing the game and holding the small pieces.

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