Lowest Price of the Year: AncestryDNA for $69

Lowest Price of the Year: AncestryDNA for $69

Ever been curious to find out more about where you come from? Ancestry.ca can help you uncover your family tree, and they're making it even easier to start this weekend. They offer a service called AncestryDNA, which lets helps you collect and test a sample of your DNA to help determine, well, your ancestry.

These kits usually sell for $129, but they're marking Black Friday with the lowest price of the year. For a limited time, a kit will only cost you $69 plus shipping. I don't think I've ever seen them for anywhere near half-price, so this is a sale you absolutely can't afford to miss if you've been thinking of trying them.

So how does all of this work? Well, you order your kit online (ideally before Nov. 26 at 11:59 PM ET, so you can get the Black Friday sale price) and wait for it to arrive. When you have the kit, follow the included instructions to collect a saliva sample and mail it back to Ancestry. Within around six to eight weeks, your results will be available online for you to view and share.

Your DNA will be tested to match you with living relatives as well as your ancestors from more than 350 different regions around the world. Chances are, you'll find out something you never knew about yourself – and you may even discover connections to people you've never met before.

But if you're more interested in building and learning about your family tree, there's also a deal on the Ancestry Gift Membership. Again, until Nov. 26, you can purchase access to millions of online records in the Ancestry Family database for just $49.99 – that's 40% off the regular price!


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