Free 14 Day Trial Free 14 Day Trial

If you've been interested in checking out your family tree, there are a wealth of resources online that can help you out. And one of the biggest resources is, who also offer a free 14 day trial of their services.

It's totally free for a 14 day trial. You do need to enter your credit or debit card details in order to access the historical records, but you can cancel the trial at any time. If you decide you want to continue using the service after the free 2 weeks, costs start at $9.95 per month.

I recently realised how little I know about my own family history. My grandparents on both sides died before I was born, and I really don't know much about the extended family. I really must sit down with my mom some time, and work it all out. The online family tree maker on Ancestry would actually be a pretty handy tool to start me off on this, because it would be very difficult to keep track of on paper. I've got 5 sisters and 1 brother. My mom had 3 sisters and 5 brothers, and there are countless cousins out there too.

As I was writing this post, I decided to give the online family tree make a little try. It's a very time consuming process!! Even if you can remember all the birthdates of your siblings, it still takes a long time to enter all the data and form your tree. The tool on is very good though, it's easy to use and makes all the data into an easy-to-read presentable format.

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  • don w.
    Hello I have not entered your site before but if is like where they say its free my question to you is why should i have to give my credit number that you perhaps like Ancestry leave it on your site.So if it is free giving you my credit card number is not what i want to do
    • Anna W.
      Hi Don... we do not take credit card numbers! If you're signing up to free trials at sites like Ancestry, it's a very common thing to give your credit card number because you're signing up to a plan which you would be charged for if you decide not to cancel.
      • A. G.
        I signed up for a free trial with my Mastercard . I cancelled after a week but I was still billed. So No. There is no free trial if you give your credit card info.
        • Anna W.
          Hello. This does not sound right at all,. Did you reach out to Ancestry and ask what happened?
    • Judy
      Did you know that you can use for free at libraries? With a library card, of course. Talk to the librarian. They are very helpful.
      • Jean J.
        I registered with my name and password and you keep saying it is not valid. Why the hell not
        • Anna W.
          We're not saying anything... please get in touch with Ancestry!