American Girl Mega Bloks from $4 Shipped

American Girl Mega Bloks from $4 Shipped

If your kids love building sets and dolls, Mega Bloks came out with the perfect combo: American Girl sets! And right now at Chapters, you can grab American Girl Mega Bloks figures and sets from $4 shipped!

These are definitely a more affordable (and in my opinion, more fun) alternative to the traditional American Girl dolls, but what really sells these sets are the reviews. Some buyers even say they have better instructions and more versatile than LEGO!

All kind of different collectible figures are $4, down from $5.95 each. My favourite might be Fashion Figure 6, since she looks just like me!

You can bend and pose each one, and they all come with their own accessory. Plus, your kids can customize figures to look like them!

Check out these sets on sale:

From August 8-10, 2017, shipping is free on everything sitewide!


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