American Apparel: Crazy April 1st Sale

American Apparel: Crazy April 1st Sale


This sale is insane. Spend $10 and then choose 5 items from the items marked "free with April1st" and you will get all 5 items for free. That is a $50+ value.

Make sure to use this coupon during checkout:

  • Discount: 5 marked items for free ($50+ value)
  • Coupon Code: April1st
  • Expires: End of day TODAY (April 1st)

Each item that you will get for free will show as worth $10. So you add 5 of those to your cart and then another $10 worth. If you want free shipping, the trick is to make your cart total $75 with the $50 worth of free product (so buy $25 worth) and you will get free shipping. I just did it so I know it works.

Thank you to Mooser Emily for sending this deal on! I just got 12 items (shirts and skirts) for $31.80. :-D


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  • Me
    FYI.....Amercian Apparel just filed for Chapter 11.....Bankruptcy!
    • Avigayil
      Ya, heard that yesterday. From what I know it is the US American Apparel that has filed, not the Canadian. Kind of like a repeat of Blockbuster. the US Blockbuster went bankrupt over a year ago I believe... The Canadian Blockbuster never filed. But it is yet to be seen what will happen with AA. Part of my purchase was shipped this morning. That is one thing I like about AA... amazing service.