American Apparel: Back to School Savings

American Apparel: Back to School Savings


American Apparel was so nice and emailed us about their back to school savings going on right now!

  • In Store: Buy 3 of any style and get 15% off
  • Online: New online only multipacks save you up to 35% off!

I find AA's multipacks well worth buying as individually their items can be quite expensive. However, in the past they have only had a few items available in multipacks so I am thrilled to see them release a whole bunch more! AAskirt

If you are in store, the 15% off is certainly a decent bonus.

My favourite new pack would have to be the Full Woven Skirt 3-pack. It cuts the price down by 21% to only $90, or $30 per skirt.. which is a decent price for a nice skirt. They have very pretty colours and several colour combo choices for the pack so I am very pleased with it!


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