Free $20 Gift Certificate (Buy A Wii!) Free $20 Gift Certificate (Buy A Wii!)

If you’ve been wondering and pondering whether to jump on the Wii bandwagon, I might have found you a good excuse to do so! Until May 16th 2009, Amazon Canada are doing a bit of a kickback offer on their Wii deals! Buy a Nintendo Wii, and they will email you a free $20 Amazon gift certificate, to spend on your next purchase.

The Wii is $279.99 from, which is the standard price for the console.

Nintendo Wiis are great! I’m a bit of a PC Gamer anyway, so the transition over to the Wii games was not a problem. I will say that games on the Wii are quite different though, mainly due to the motion sensor being the focus of the gameplay.

A few months ago I bought Links Crossbow Training which comes with the Wii Zapper. I had read mediocre reviews, but as the game was pretty cheap, I thought I’d add it to my collection. I bought it, started playing, and was instantly addicted! It’s the kind of game I enjoy a lot. The levels are only a minute long, there are quite a few to choose from, so it holds my attention. As I have the attention span of a particularly inattentive 3 year old, this game really does it for me!

Link’s Crossbow Training Tips:

  • Multipliers - the way to max out your scores – don’t miss! If you’re playing a level the whole way through and you haven’t missed once, towards the end you are getting tens of thousands of points for hitting a target.

  • Scarecrows – shoot a scarecrow 8 times in the chest until his pumpkin head expands (you hear a bell chime), then shoot him in the head for 1000 points. On some levels, there are 2 scarecrows. Getting both in this fashion means you get to a bonus level instead of stage 3, where there are a lot more higher scoring targets. (Available in stages 1-1, 3-1, 4-1, 7-1)

  • Wii Zapper - I’ve read online that if you just use the wii controller and the nunchuk instead of the wii zapper, you can get much better accuracy. I’ve never tried this though, so I cannot confirm.

It’s the kind of game which is good fun to play with friends, over a few glasses of wine. You can play a level each, trying to beat the best scores. Warning – accuracy decreases with increased wine consumption!

I recommend spending your $20 Amazon gift voucher on the Links Crossbow game!

Thanks to Juska.


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