Kindle E-Readers from $79.99 Shipped

It's like a library that fits in your carry-on bag
Kindle E-Readers from $79.99 Shipped

I have a confession to make. I absolutely love books (and I have a massive library in my living room to prove it), but I only started reading e-books a few months ago. And if you want to know a deeper, darker secret, I've never actually owned an e-reader. Given how often I'm reading (and how many books I like to take with me when I travel), it seems a little absurd – so I might finally give in and buy one.

Lucky for me, a TON of Kindle e-readers are actually on sale until the end of the night as part of Amazon Prime Day. I took a quick look through them all, and you can pick one up from just $79.99 shipped!

Since I've read e-books on my iPhone and haven't exactly felt the need for a larger screen, I feel like I'd probably be okay with either the All-New Kindle (for $79.99, down from $119.99) or the Kindle Paperwhite (now just $104.99 from $139.99), since they both have a six-inch, glare-free screen. I have to give the Kindle Paperwhite the edge though, because it's thinner, lighter and completely waterproof.

And finally, there's the Kindle Oasis. This 8 GB e-reader packs a pretty serious punch, at $229.99, down from $329.99. It has a seven-inch, glare-free screen and 25 LEDs front light. It's waterproof, has a 300ppi resolution and (like the Kindle Paperwhite) is completely waterproof. So which one will you choose?

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