Amazon Family: 1 Month Free Trial for 2 Day Shipping, 20% off Diapers & More

Amazon Family: 1 Month Free Trial for 2 Day Shipping, 20% off Diapers & More


First, there was Amazon Prime. Then, there was Amazon Student. Now, there is Amazon Family. Amazon Family is a version of Amazon Prime for people with a young one about to pop out of the oven (or be adopted). For young families, Amazon is offering their Prime service for free for one month. Amazon Prime usually costs $79 per year, but with this offer you can try out what Amazon Prime for a full month and cancel before you get billed.

Be sure to cancel just before your month is over so you will not be billed for the entire year (if you do not wish to continue with Amazon Prime). There are many reasons why you might want to continue with Amazon Prime though.

So, what does Amazon Family offer?

First, you receive two day shipping on almost everything that Amazon Canada sells. If it is in stock, it will arrive at your door within two days. As a young parent, it can be difficult to get out the door to fetch the necessities of life and childcare. Often, things get pushed to the last minute and you find yourself out of stock and in need. Two day shipping for free becomes a necessity, and you may wonder how you ever lived with it. I am currently trialing the Student Prime account. I must say, two day shipping is super nice. Two-day shipping is not available on subscribe and save orders.

With Amazon Family, you will also receive 20% off all diapers (with subscribe & save). Just a note there, I think that is pretty screwy. You can get two-day shipping on everything but the thing you would probably need it most on: diapers. Do you see Ivan's post about sale diapers at Amazon just yesterday? Well, as an Amazon Family member you can receive an extra discount on top of those prices. Your savings will quickly add up and the Family prime membership will quickly pay for itself just in diaper savings. For those curious as to how the diaper savings works, this is what Amazon says:

If you already have Subscribe & Save delivery on diapers that qualify for the Amazon Family discount, you'll automatically receive the additional 15% discount once you join Amazon Family.

You will also receive exclusive deals and coupons on baby supplies and more with your Amazon Family membership. I highly suggest reading all the fine print too before you commit to a long-term membership.

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  • Aaron
    Still showing 79.00 a year every way I link in to sign up. What is the trick to get it to charge 39.00?
    • Avigayil M.
      Are you in Quebec? It would appear this offer is not valid in Quebec.
      • Aaron
        Nope in BC here....
        • Avigayil M.
          Did some testing and evidently, this offer was cookie-ed into my account somehow. So I can see it when I am signed in to Amazon, but not when I am signed out. Sorry Aaron! I have changed the post to reflect the offer I see when i am signed out, which is a 1 month free trial.