Thief Gold for Free! Thief Gold for Free!


Relive they Halcyon days of 1999 with a free copy of Thief from Amazon and SquareEnix!

***Read the instructions below on how to actually get it for free!

If you remember playing Thief back in the day or you are just waiting on the new re-release of Thief to come out in a few days,  you should pick this game up. This is the updated version of the original Thief game. Basically, in the days before high sleep internet, it used to be a pain in the butt to update a game. Not everyone had the internet and it was painfully slow. The creators of Thief: the Dark Project wanted to release an update, they just released a new game called Thief Gold. It was the original Thief with a bunch of upgrades. New maps, voice acting, etc.

And this piece of gaming history can be yours for free. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Enter your info at the Thief Mod Competition being put on by SquareEnix (You don't actually need to submit a mod, just your info).
  2. Copy the code they give you.**Sometimes this code won't work in the next step. If it doesn't work for you, repeat this step. You might need to resubmit your info a few times to get aworking code.
  3. Click to buy Thief Gold on Amazon and enter the code from step 2. **You need to have an American address for this to work.
  4. Enter the code in to Steam
  5. Play your game!

Thief was an awesome game back in the day and it still is. Sure the graphics aren't as good but the game is still fantastic. Older games will be totally fine with it because gameplay is all that matters. As for you kids, you should play this just to see what a game has to do to be great before all these new confangled graphics and the what not... AND GET OFF MY LAWN!!

Thief is normally $6.99 USD on but you're going to get it for free.  No shipping of course because this is a PC Digital Download.

(Expires: 14th April 2014)


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