Amazon Canada: Up to 70% off Select Classic PS3 Titles!

Amazon Canada: Up to 70% off Select Classic PS3 Titles!


Amazon Canada must be making room for the new PS4 stock because they are just about giving these awesome PS3 games away!

These aren't the new, hot games but they are some awesome classics and they are all dirt cheap! There are eight games and six of them are under $10! These are the games they have:

Look at those prices! Heavy Rain for under $10. Infamous 2 is one of my all time favorite games, also for less than $10. Little Big Planet is an instant classic and beyond fun. I've never played this particular iteration of Twisted Metal  but it got pretty good critic reviews. Slightly less good aggregate reviews, but still. If I wasn't saving for a trip I'd probably drop about $60 right now.

(Expires: 6th October 2013)


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  • Matt
    Playstation All Stars shows me at 16.99$
    • Shawn M.
      The $9.99 was for copies sold by Amazon. They have since sold out and are showing you the prices from other retailers who sell through Sorry about that. I know it's not the same but EB sells it for $14.99 pre-owned. At least it's a bit less than retail.