Amazon Canada: Up to 66% Off Samsung Galaxy S4 Covers

Amazon Canada: Up to 66% Off Samsung Galaxy S4 Covers


Amazon Canada has discounted their stock of Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Covers by various amounts depending on what colour you want.

The best deal of the whole bunch is on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover Folio Case, Pinkwhich was $39.99 and is now only $13.53. This is a huge price drop and if you love pink, or are indifferent to the colour, this might be your ticket to a really cheap cover.

However, for only a few cents more you can get your pick of several other colours. The Light Blueis on sale for $13.91, as is the Green and the Orange. That is 65% off the original price and a pretty great deal if you are toting around a Samsung Galaxy without a proper screen protector.

The Black is only on sale for $23.64 and the White costs $22.92 which are both still great deals compared with paying full price but I really recommend trying out a coloured cover to get the better deal.

Now I price compared with Best Buy and Future Shop, which both have all of these covers still priced at $39.95. Conclusion: this sale rocks.

Get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

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