Amazon Canada: The Flash The Complete Series $9.99 (Was $75)

Amazon Canada: The Flash The Complete Series $9.99 (Was $75)


If you are a fan of the superhero genre, be sure to pick up the complete 1990's television series "The Flash" for only $9.99 (original retail price was $74.98).

This is a six disc set that contains all 21-episodes of the very short lived run of the live-action 90's television series "The Flash". The set also includes the 90 minute pilot episode. I never saw this series but there are 220 reviews on with an average rating of 4.5/5 that can attest to its worthiness to be a part of your collection. Here is what one reviewer on Amazon Canada had to say:

The Flash Series is worth watching, some great effects, though dated now. Shipps and Pays do an outstanding job as the main characters. Shipps has a kind of wide eye innocents to his character that plays well against Pays character.
All and all its fun, and a bit cheesey at times, but after all its a comic. To bad this show did not get another season. There a number of powers that had yet to be fully explored. As well as a nice little Love interest that never really went far.
For those into superheroes its a must buy.

It is a cheap buy for hours of entertainment and a great trip down memory lane. It also makes a nice addition to any superhero collection.

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