Amazon Canada: The Club Anti-Theft Device Only $22

Amazon Canada: The Club Anti-Theft Device Only $22


Worried about your car getting stolen? Spend $22 at Amazon on The Club anti-theft device. It is normally $59.99 and I couldn't find it at a lesser price anywhere.

(Click the "3 new" link on the Amazon page if you cannot see the deal, you will see Amazon listed as the seller in there)

This is The Club you've heard about, except it doesn't go on your steering wheel. Instead, it attaches to your brakes or clutch so they can't be depressed and the person can't drive the vehicle. It is so easy to use, with one pull it locks on and fits most cars, trucks and SUVs. It has a red finish so potential thieves know not to bother. Sometimes prevention is the key in keeping thefts from happening - just having a device like this is a deterrent. The company states that The Club is virtually impossible to defeat. Truly, car thieves want to get in and get out, they don't want to have to take an additional step, so they'll just move on to the next car.

There are 68 reviews on Amazon for this club device and most sing its praises. Where the reviewers said The Club failed is on older cars. Older cars can be stolen with the club in place because they can be driven without the regular brakes using the emergency brake. An ex-car thief suggest putting it on your clutch. You can't deny that kind of review!

This item will ship for free if you spend just another $3, which I'm sure will be quite easy at Amazon.

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  • Alan
    Glad to see this post on The Club. In this day and age as crime increases in neighborhoods, it remains a strong visual deterrent, most thieves will pick an easier target they wont have to waste time removing. Other common sense tips help too like not leaving personal belongings in plain sight to make your vehicle a target.