Amazon Canada: The Bourne Trilogy 59% Off

Amazon Canada: The Bourne Trilogy 59% Off

I am a huge fan of the Bourne trilogy and can't wait to see the one that is in theaters right now.  Today at Amazon Canada, they have the Bourne trilogy on Blu-ray on sale at 59% off the regular price.

This trilogy on Blu-ray was $57.99 and is now just $23.99.  That makes each Blu-ray movie less than $8 each.  This offer almost qualifies for free shipping (when you spend $25 or more) so my suggestion is to find something small you might like from Amazon Canada to get the free shipping.  If not, the cost of shipping is usually pretty reasonable.

The rating on these movies, if you have not watched them yet, is 4.5 stars out of 5 which is practically a perfect rating. This series is one of my rainy day type of movies because they have a little bit of everything in them.  If you have not watched them yet they are a definite must see!

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