Amazon Canada: Sunbeam 2LB Breadmaker - $58.26 (Was $84.99)

Amazon Canada: Sunbeam 2LB Breadmaker - $58.26 (Was $84.99)

If you are wanting to save money by making your own bread, this is a fabulous deal. You can also save money on a breadmaker from Amazon Canada. Get a Sunbeam 2LB Breadmaker for only $58.26, which is 31% off the regular price of $84.99.

This bread maker has an average of 4/5 stars with 38 reviews.

Here is part of a review from Amazon:

This bread machine is just great. I got it to replace my old one as the old one didn't make good whole wheat bread. This one makes excellent whole wheat bread. I've made different types of rye, white and whole wheat bread (from 250 Best Canadian Bread Machine Baking Recipes), as well as the french loaf from the included recipe book. They all slide out really easily since the pan has a teflon coating on it. I've even made the jam recipe in the included book (which didn't stick but just poured out).

I so want that recipe book they mentioned!

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