Amazon Canada: Spiral Vegetable Slicer Only $29 *Bump*

Amazon Canada: Spiral Vegetable Slicer Only $29 *Bump*


*BUMP! Amazon has this on Lightning deal right now and it will go quickly!* Amazon has a sweet deal on a spiral slicer just like the ones everyone is talking about. For only $28.99, this sale beats out the all other store's prices, after I did a quick price comparison. The regular price for the spiral slicer is $37.95.

You may ask what a spiral slicer can do for you, and I'll tell you. It cuts all your fruits and vegetables into spiral cuts. This makes it easy to make delicious salads like these from Raw Food Recipes.

My most favourite restaurant in the world is called Lee and they have the most delicious salad called Singapore Slaw and all of the veggies are spiral cut. It just makes the salad that much more delicious when the vegetables are thin and fun. I think it will help you eat more and maybe even your picky eaters will try veggies in a spiralized form.

It looks totally easy to use and has three interchangeable blades for different sizes of cuts. The reviews are incredible for this slicer, saying that it promotes healthy eating. I think anything that gets you and your family to eat healthier means this is a good buy!

Amazon will ship this item for free, as it is over $25

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