Amazon Canada: Sale On Sauce Makers & Accessories

Amazon Canada: Sale On Sauce Makers & Accessories

Amazon Canada has some great sales on sauce makers, accessories, instruction books and more. All sorts of brands and makes available. Offer valid for a limited time while quantities last.

It's that time of year for anyone who likes to can or preserve. There are many items available on Amazon at great prices to help out. There is nothing like homemade sauces. It may sound like a lot of work, but with all the tools available now, it's really not. The amazing benefits are that not only do you get great tasting food that has ingredients you can pronounce, but getting your family together to make it gives you priceless quality time together.

There are so many sauce makers to choose from, but take a look at this Roma Sauce Maker and Food Strainer that was $109.35 and is now $54.06. This sauce maker is great for many things, and the wonderful thing about these is they separate the unwanted skin and seeds for you, making your job much easier. This comes with the basic essentials needed, like nylon spiral and hopper, push stick and screen that will not rust.

If you really want to do a lot of canning, I recommend the bigger and better Weston Electric Grinder with Tomato Strainer that is $127.36 or for the small, less often projects, maybe this Roma Tomato Press Sauce Maker (this one is actually from the US website) that was $73.01 and is now $29.95.

If you're just starting out or dabbling with the idea of preserving, I recommend this Bernardin Complete Book of home preserving that was $27.95 and is now $17.52. The sauce makers all come with instructions, but trust me, a detailed book is your best friend when canning. This price is for paperback, but it is also available in hardcover for $14.33 if your prefer.

Your will definitely need this Back to Basics 5 piece home canning kit (from that was $19.95 and is now $17.67. The tools in this kit are essential for your canning process.

Finally, you need the jars and canner itself. This Granite ware 21 1/2 quart steel/porcelain water bath canner with rack (from that was $29.99 and is now $29.45 is a perfect starter size. As for jars, they will be on sale all over the place, so keep an eye on your local stores and flyers. The important part is the lids and seals need to be replaced each time you refill a jar with anything. Those are always on sale as well, usually at your local grocer store.

Finally, here is my most simple pasta and sauce recipe that my family still loves. Cook your pasta as directed, add 2 to 4 garlic cloves (depending on how much you like garlic) and a small sprinkle of salt to one of your jars of tomato sauce and put it through your blender until garlic is no longer visible. No need to recook the sauce, just pour it onto your hot pasta and serve. Fast easy and delicious.

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