Amazon Canada: Rival 20-Quart Self-Basting Roaster Was $80 | Now $60 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Amazon Canada: Rival 20-Quart Self-Basting Roaster Was $80 | Now $60 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)


Just in time for Thanksgiving, Amazon has a hot deal on what's basically a turkey roaster. Regularly $79.99, now $59.99, the Rival 20-quart self-basting roaster oven is a lightning deal set to end in about 19 hours from now. You'll get free shipping with this item and if you have Prime, you'll get it before you need to cook your turkey.

So many of us are cooking turkeys this weekend and the space inside the stove always becomes a hot commodity. Why not take the bird out of the oven and cook it in this very large roaster? It is large enough to fit a 24lb turkey and is more than a slow cooker. It includes removable roasting racks. As you can see from the photo, you can also cook some veggies in there with the turkey too. This is perfect for almost anyone, especially if you are going to the cottage this weekend and don't want to heat it up with the oven being on all day.

If you have a very large family, sometimes you cook two turkeys or other main dishes and this cooker allows you the room to make sure everything is cooked at the same time.

It also saves you the work, as it self-bastes, which is definitely a perk.

I actually couldn't find this exact roaster to show you comparable prices and in fact, I couldn't find another roaster this large. But, taking a look at Walmart, ones that are a 1/3rd of the size are selling for this price and more. This is also the lowest price it has been on Amazon.

If you think you won't get this item by Thanksgiving, don't forget that Christmas is only two months away and you might need it for then too.

I think you could also cook other items in here, like whole chickens. This would be perfect for a large family dinner where you don't really want turkey, but you can fit two or even three whole chickens or a bunch of chicken pieces at one time.

(Expiry: 8th October 2015)


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