Amazon Canada: OtterBox Only $15

Amazon Canada: OtterBox Only $15


Krista blogged two weeks about the Otter Box being on sale for only $19.99, which was a fantastic deal. If that wasn't enough to convince you, I'm here to convince you with a further few dollars off as these puppies are now only $14.99.

Finding the ones on sale takes a bit of detective work, so it is good thing I'm sleuth-like. All of these are the Otterbox Defender Series case for iPhone 5 and there are three colours available:

When you click through to these links, you are going to see inflated Amazon prices, but there is a trick. Click the link below the price that says so many "new". It will take you to a page of different sellers providing this item, and of course, click on to the seller selling it for $14.99. Ensure that Amazon is the one fulfilling the product or you won't get the shipping deal.

The glacier is my favourite as I love grey and white together and it is classic enough for anyone. These are all $14.99, was $59.80.

I actually have an OtterBox on my Samsung phone, which cost me a lot more than this price! It really helps keep my phone in one piece, what with my three boys constantly finding it, dropping it, and as one of my sons once said, "fixing it". By fixing it, he meant taking it apart and handing it to me in two pieces. This was pre-Otterbox with a different phone, that needless to say, doesn't work anymore.

Shipping is free on a $25 purchase, so get yourself two and trade the colours depending on your mood.

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