Amazon Canada: New Lower Price on Kindles

Amazon Canada: New Lower Price on Kindles

Amazon Canada has dropped the price on both the Amazon Kindle eReader and the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. The Kindle was $89 and is now $79. The Kindle paperwhite was $139 and is now $129.

I noticed a little bit ago that there was a price drop on these on the website and I was hoping we might see the same. I am so glad that we finally have!

So, what are the big differences between these two machines? That was the first question I asked myself and I thought you might want to know as well.

The biggest difference is in the screen. the regular Kindle uses an E Ink Pearl display where as the Kindle paperwhite uses the Paperwhite Built-in Light display. This provides a in-screen light and also a better resolution. Another big difference is the controller: the kindle uses a five way controller button located underneath the screen whereas the paperwhite has touch screen technology and uses two point multi-touch. Last but not least: battery. The regular kindle has a four week battery and the paperwhite has an eight week battery. Twice the juice!

No matter which device you go for, you can now get either for $10 cheaper and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $25.


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