Amazon Canada Laptop Sale: Up To 20% Off Asus

Amazon Canada Laptop Sale: Up To 20% Off Asus


When you think of Amazon Canada, you think of books, DVDs and music (well I do)! But they also sell electronics and their selection is getting more and more extensive. Right now, they have a sale on all sorts of Asus computers, from notebooks to netbooks, with up to 20% off their regular prices.

Prices start at $339.99 and go upwards from that. For example, this little Asus netbook is $339.99. It could be handy if you want a little portable computer to carry round with you when you are out and about, perhaps if you travel a lot.

Moving on up the prices ranges a bit is this Asus 13.3" laptop. It's priced at $798.99 and might be handier if you want a bit more screen room to work from. It seems to have a pretty good specification as well, with 4GB ram and a 320GB hard drive for storage space.

Right up at the top of the range is the Asus 15.6" gaming laptop, priced at $1199.99. It's a gorgeous little piece of kit, but in my opinion if you are willing to spend $1200, you are much better off going for a highly specced desktop machine. Would be much better for gaming!


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