Amazon Canada: Inflatable Queen Size Bed Only $38 (Was $80)

Amazon Canada: Inflatable Queen Size Bed Only $38 (Was $80)


Get the Intex deluxe pillow rest rising comfort queen size bed for only $38.37, was $79.99.

In the summer, I was looking for a bed such as this for sleeping in a tent. I definitely regret not buying one, but being the middle of summer, I couldn't find one under $80. My back hurt and I got one of the worst sleeps of my life. I would love one for camping next year. This bed isn't just for camping, though. If you are planning on having overnight guests and don't have a guest bed, this can be awesome, especially for people in small spaces. Easy to store, you just take it out for those times you need it.

The mattress is waterproof, has 15-gauge vinyl beams for added stability and a built-in high-powered electric pump. Nothing like hand pumping a mattress: No thanks! It has a 300-pound capacity with a customizable comfort level. Although it says it is a queen, it says it fits twin sheets, so I'm going to assume it only really sleeps like a twin as well, especially with such a low weight capacity. You might need two.

Shipping is free since this is over $25.

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  • Anna W.
    That actually looks really comfy.
    • taka
      Tried to check out with the free delivery but the price is at $ 76.97 instead. Don't know what's wrong with the website but pretty disappointed :(
      • Betty C.
        The only thing I get at this link is a bed for $99.00. something wrong here.
        • Eva W.
          Sorry, must have sold out.
          • Vic
            Price is $99.00 only! They were never available for $38 or $80...don't know where you got your information on this product?!
            • Anna W.
              Vic... the hottest deals may only last hours or even minutes. All prices are right at time of posting! Thanks.
            • Eva W.
              The price at the time I blogged this was $38.37.