Amazon Canada: Human Planet The Complete Series Was $49.98 | Now $14.99

Amazon Canada: Human Planet The Complete Series Was $49.98 | Now $14.99


Amazon Canada has a really good deal on the complete Human Planet series. It originally cost $49.98 (and may I say it is worth every penny) and it is now 70% off! Pay only $14.99 for a truly amazing BBC series.

This set has stunning graphics, great storyline, and is educational as well as entertaining. It focuses on the constantly shifting–and often remarkably harsh–relationship between human beings and their surroundings. It has astounding reviews as befits a series this gorgeous! The reviews are pretty much all positive like this reviewer:

I have recently purchased The Human Planet and several BBC Earth series (Planet Earth, Life, The Frozen Planet) and never once did BBC let me down. The scenes are spectacular and the narration captivating. If you watched Planet Earth, you would not want to miss this series.

I did do some price comparisons and found out Best Buy Canada has the sale sale on right now (only 3 left in stock). However, Future Shop sells this series for $39.99, and Walmart has it priced at $39.97.

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