Amazon Canada: High Sierra Backpacks 50% Off

Amazon Canada: High Sierra Backpacks 50% Off

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Amazon has a huge assortment of High Sierra backpacks, sport bags, carry-ons and more on sale right now for 50% off.

Typically, you'd go back to school shopping in August or even September, but then you'd pay full price for every single thing. Why not shop now for next year's backpacks and save yourself 50% and get a high-quality pack in the meantime?

The packs all have amazing reviews, mainly because it fits a lot of stuff, is durable (so it can take your or your kid's abuse) and has lots of pockets and zippers so you can organize everything.

The ones that are 50% off or more include:

  • Berserk backpack (19x12x8 inches) in red/orange or jade/teal - was $80, now $40
  • Loop backpack (19x13x8.5 inches) in feather rainbow - was $70, now $35
  • Mugsy backpack (17x12.75x7.5) in your choice of four patterns - was $50, now $25

As you can see, there are differing price points, depending on your needs. Obviously your young child won't need the biggest bag and the university student won't be able to use the smallest. I like the choices available.

This pack-n-go duffel garden bag is both a backpack and a duffel bag, which means it is the perfect travel bag. It was $100, now $50.

Shipping will be free on any order over $25.

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