Amazon Canada: Free Shipping Now On $25 Spend

Amazon Canada: Free Shipping Now On $25 Spend


On the front page of Amazon Canada, they have a new note showing, explaining how they have reduced their free super saver shipping threshold from $39 down to $25! Thanks Jeff Bezos!

I don't usually post about things like free shipping thresholds being reduced, but because this is Amazon Canada, such a huge online presence in the Canadian online marketplace, I thought it was worth a post.

This is actually really good news for Christmas too - it will encourage me to look for gifts there (which is probably their plan anyway).

As Chapters free shipping threshold is also $39, I am really hoping that they decide to follow suit and make the same reduction.

My other half always has trouble buying me presents. I think it's a man thing, not necessarily unique to my other half in particular. This year, I think I am going to set up a wish list on Amazon and add a load of lovely things to it, like DVDs, books, video games and shiny electronics. Maybe, just maybe, he'll get me something I want!


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  • Amanda
    This is really great! It's definitely an exciting thing with Christmas coming, and considering I've been planning some purchases there.'s even better news that Chapters has now decided to do the same, (I just saw it on the front page of their website) and you can get free shipping with purchases of $25 too!!
    • Anna
      Ha! My prediction came true!
      • Amanda
        So glad it did! =)
    • Yumiko
      Looks like has followed suit too. Their homepage is advertising orders over $25 get free shipping as well!