Amazon Canada: Elf On A Shelf Set Just $32.95

Amazon Canada: Elf On A Shelf Set Just $32.95


One of the hottest Christmas items to get your kids this year (and was last year as well for that matter) is Elf on a Shelf. It is a very hot ticket item that has a ton of knock-off type products now, but nothing beats the original.  Right now, you can get the Elf on a Shelf set for just $32.95 at Amazon Canada.

Elf on a Shelf is so wildly popular that when I went looking for a set last year, I could not find any stores that had it in stock.  I was shocked!  There are a few different versions of it, but the original is the one to get.  You might find some knock-off elves or different storybooks, but the original set is the best.

The Elf on a Shelf set at Amazon is just $32.95 and comes with the original blue eyed elf and the story book.  In addition, you will also get free shipping on it!

I wanted to do some price comparisons with the set at Amazon, but it was hard as most stores are either out of stock or don't carry them.  I did find the book only (so no Elf) atChapters on sale for $33.94, but you would have to buy the Elf separate.  I also found it at Mastermind Toys on sale for $34.95, but you would need to pay for shipping as well, making the price a lot higher.

These sets are very hot products as the Elf on a Shelf traditionally starts December 1st, so if you want one for your house, it is best to get one asap while Amazon still has them.

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