Amazon Canada: Child's Inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume Was $59 now from $18.71!

Amazon Canada: Child's Inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume Was $59 now from $18.71!

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With a new Ghostbusters on the way, the Stay Puft man is back in fashion (as if he was ever out of it). Amazon has a sweet deal on the Stay Puft Marshmallow man costume for kids, regularly $58.99 and now only $23.39. If you have Prime, it will ship for free, otherwise you just need another $2 item in your cart to get free shipping. In fact, if you do have Prime, your price for this costume is $18.71 because of the extra 20% off costumes for Prime members (just add it to your cart and checkout and you will get the lower price). I'm totally considering getting this costume for my oldest, who doesn't yet have a costume.

I think everyone in the world knows who the Stay Puft marshmallow man is, either because you watched Ghostbusters as a kid or you let your kids watch it now. It is just such a classic.   What's totally cool about this costume is that it is inflatable using a battery operated fan. How awesome is it to be wearing an inflated suit, just like the Stay Puft man?

I have actually seen an adult wearing this costume at a Halloween party and it is quite impressive. He was the hit of the party and even the kids who didn't know who he was loved it.

All of the reviews on Amazon are from, but they are all very favourable saying the costume was a head-turner and fit well.

Taking a look around, I found this costume selling at Buy Costumes(U.S.) for $34.99USD, at Costume Supercentre for $46.99 and at other U.S. stores for a minimum of $35. If people are paying over $50 for this costume regularly, I'm definitely going to pay $18!

I did notice that there are other Ghostbusters costumes on Amazon, so if you wanted to go as a theme on Halloween, slimer and the actual ghostbusters are cool costumes too.

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