Amazon Canada: Buy Wii, Get Free Mario Kart Or Wii Play

Amazon Canada: Buy Wii, Get Free Mario Kart Or Wii Play


This is a video game deal worth mentioning, from Amazon Canada. If you buy the Nintendo Wii console, you can choose either Mario Kart or Wii Play totally for free!

Just add both the console and the game to your cart, and you should see the discount at checkout.

Caveat: Now, the Nintendo Wii at Amazon is possibly a teeny bit more expensive than other stores. For example, the Wii is only $200 at Shoppers next week, but it is $220 @ Amazon right now. However, you have to offset the cost of the game too. Most stores are selling the likes of Mario Kart for $35+, so if you consider that you are getting it for free, you're looking at a pretty decent deal overall - $220 for the bundle.

Regarding Mario Kart - this is a great little game! As it comes with 1 steering wheel, I highly recommend buying a second to use when you are playing head to head games with friends and family. You can spend hours having fun on Mario Kart!

I've never played Wii Play though, I'm not sure what it's like as a game. Have you tried it?

(Offer ends 28th November 2009)


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