Amazon Canada: Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym $899.99 (Was $1299.00)

Amazon Canada: Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym $899.99 (Was $1299.00)

What a deal! Get $400 off this Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym - that equals 31% off. Originally $1299.00 the gym is discounted to $899.99.

I always see Bowflex advertised on TV and really want one. I hate gyms, but when I had access to gym equipment at home I used to use it. I prefer the privacy that a home gym affords. The Bowflex brand is well known, has received various awards and is generally well liked by its owners. doesn't have any reviews on it yet, but has 49 reviews with about a 4.5/5 star total.

I price compared with, and it has this gym at the full $1299.99 price. The reviews on Sears were also very good, a full 5 stars with 8 reviews.

I really like this review from Sears:

Currently we have had our bowlfex for about a month and we are loving it! Set up took about 2 hours but granted it was myself and my 12 year old son. If it had been two adults and ratchets instead of cresent wrenches this time could have easily been cut in half. The function and versatility of the gym is amazing, our whole family can use it and make it to what they need for their training. Even my 10 year old daughter will go at it for a bit! The machine is quiet and doesn't take up nearly the space that I thought it would. I would recomend this and have to all my frineds and others!!

If I had even a couple feet more space I would be getting a system like this. However, a one bedroom apartment really doesn't afford much extra space for such things when two people and two cats are occupying the space!

Just think, you also get free shipping on this, even though it is oversized and heavy - what a nice bonus from Amazon.

Expiry: End of the week or when it sells out


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  • bill
    Seriously dude....better off going to gym with that money
    • Avigayil M.
      I'm not sure. The local gym here charges $50 a month. If I went to the gym for 18 months I would pay the same price as buying this Bowflex. The difference is if I get the Bowflex I actually own something and have access to it after the 18 months without charge, if I go to the gym I have to keep on paying my $50 a month to continue getting access to a machine.