Amazon Canada: Anker 2nd Gen. Battery Charger 12000mAh - Now $60 (Save $40)

Amazon Canada: Anker 2nd Gen. Battery Charger 12000mAh - Now $60 (Save $40)


Pick up the latest Anker 2nd Generation Astro3 12000mAh Portable Triple-USB Port External Battery Charger Power Pack for iPhone 5, iPads, Samsung Tablets, and more! Originally $99.99 this pack is on sale for $59.99.

The link through is kinda weird... I can't get it to work right. Just click 'all buying options' and you will see that it comes from Anker Direct but is fulfilled by Amazon Canada. Select that option (it should be the first one).

I have been drooling over one of these since I was on a seventeen hour flight and lost all charge in my iPhone and my iPad with no way to charge them! To buy a charger in the airport was like $120 for a 6000mAh battery charger and there was no way I was going to overpay by that much. So I went on Amazon to price compare. Anker external battery charger packs come with excellent reviews and a beautiful price tag.

Here are some of the various devices it is compatible with:

  • iPhone 5, 4S, 4
  • iPad 4, 3, 2, Mini,
  • iPods
  • Samsung Tablets
  • Galaxy S4

It has three charging ports so it can charge three devices at the same time. Just plug the USB end of your cable into the device and presto you are charging. it has enough power to charge an iPhone to full battery six times.

I highly suggest pickup up this charger over some of their other ones as it is compatible with the most recent electronics (2nd generation!), it has enough power to juice up an iPad, and it is the latest technology. The price, it really can't be beat.

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