Amazon Canada: Animal Crossing & Wii Speak Bundle $34.99!!

Amazon Canada: Animal Crossing & Wii Speak Bundle $34.99!!

There’s a great deal on Animal Crossing & Wii Speak Bundle from Amazon Canada. The bundle deal is half price – down to $34.99!! For that, you get the Animal Crossing Wii game and the Wii Speak device.

The Animal Crossing game gets a rating of 7.5/10 on gamespot, which is pretty good. It’s supposed to be a good family game, great for everyone. The Wii Speak is an add-on for the Nintendo Wii. It is a microphone accessory that connects via USB. It sounds quite handy, as it means the entire room can voice chat through the Wii console.

To buy the Wii speak on its own, it costs $20 on Amazon. So for $35, you’re getting a bargain deal with the Wii game.

Of course as it is Amazon, you must spend $39 if you want free super saver shipping. You could add something to your shopping cart to bring you up to this level, and get the free shipping.

Have you played this game? What's it like?

UPDATE 16th June 2009 - now expired!


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  • Tracy
    Great price for a great game. It's a fun game for all ages, one that you don't need any hand-eye co-ordination for ;) I don't have the Wii Speak for the simple reason I don't know others with the game to chat to, but for those who do it would definately be fun :D (typing to others in that game is kinda clunky) I give it a 8.5/10 overall.