Amazon Canada: 50% Off Hoover Vacuums & Rug Cleaners

Amazon Canada: 50% Off Hoover Vacuums & Rug Cleaners


With spring cleaning on your mind, you might wonder if your old vacuum can really keep up to the job. Well, rest easy and get a new Hoover for 50% off or more at Amazon.

When you think of vacuums, I bet you think of Hoover. The Hoover vacuum man used to sell door-to-door, and it was the stuff romance books were written about. Personally, vacuuming is not that romantic to me, unless my husband is doing it in his skivvies, then yes, vacuuming is sexy. But, on to the dirt.

This vacuum washes your floors too! The Floor Mate SpinScrub wet/dry vacuum sounds like a godsend. Hoover says you'll get a hands and knees clean every single day with this baby. Sounds good to me. Was $199.99, now $99.00.

For the carpets, you should check out the SteamVac Power Max with clean surge. Was $299.99, now $139.

For a traditional vacuum, check out the Windtunnel Max multi-cyclonic upright vacuum. Like a windstorm inside your house that clears out all the dirt, this vacuum is powerful. Was $279.99, now $180.67.

Shipping is free on all vacuums in this sale.

Photo Credit: Timber Floors

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