Amazon Canada: 10% Off Items On Your Baby Registry

Amazon Canada: 10% Off Items On Your Baby Registry


Got a little bundle on the way? Not make an Amazon baby registry so your friends and family all over Canada can buy and ship you gifts? If you have gifts that still aren't bought 30 days before your baby's due date you can get 10% off those items and make sure you have everything you need before you spend the rest of your life sleep deprived.

What's even cooler about Amazon's baby registry is that the items don't just have to be located on Amazon. You can use the universal registry to add items from other websites. This means you'll have one registry in one place, with multiple sites accessed from it. But, if you are looking for that discount at the end, your items have to be located on You'll have the 30 days before delivery due date and sixty days after, so a total of 90 days to complete your purchases and get the 10% discount. Now, if you are almost due, you can't just go and register now and get the discount. Your registry needs to be active for at least 14 days before you are eligible.

You also get a maximum discount of $500, which is still a pretty sweet discount when you are spending so much on baby already. If you seem to get pregnant right away after this baby, you'll need to wait eight months before you can use another completion discount.

I like the idea of registering a baby registry on Amazon and keeping it in one place, especially when Amazon has very competitive prices on baby items and they make it so easy to shop. I also like getting the discount on the items that people haven't bought that you know you might need.

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