Up to 68% Off BBC Nature Collections Up to 68% Off BBC Nature Collections


Happy Earth Day! For a select time get up to 68% off select BBC nature collections from in celebration of this marvelous planet.

There are some incredible deals on some of the lesser known BBC nature disks. Be sure to pick up Galapagos [Blu-ray] for only $16.99, originally $34.99 during this sale. The Galapagos Islands are one of Earth's most wondrous places because they are teaming with life not found anywhere else on earth. They are also home to the most northern penguins on the planet.

Next on my list on suggestions is Yellowstone: Battle for Life [Blu-ray] that was $30.98 and is now $16.99. I own this set and it really puts into perspective the delicate balance of the park. I loved learning about the wolves of Yellowstone and the part they play to maintain the delicate balance within the park.

On my wishlist is Madagascar [Blu-ray] which was $43.98 and is now $19.99. David Attenborough has a real passion for Madagascar and I have heard it shows in this series. There is also a special hour-long extra on disc two called "Attenborough and the Giant Egg" which talks about egg shell fragments he received and the fascinating story that goes along with them.

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