Up to 57% Off Select All-in-One Printers (Save $130) Up to 57% Off Select All-in-One Printers (Save $130)

Amazon Canada has some great All-in-one printer deals for back to school. They are all inkjet printers and you can get them with an assortment of features and prices. Something for everyone on Bargainmoose!

There are five printers available:

As usual since these are all over $25 they ship for free from Amazon.

Everyone seems to be putting printers on sale but this is the only sale I've seen recently (that I remember, at least) that only has all-in-one printers. My current printer is a $30 throw-away Lexmark printer that I'm pretty sure has been sitting in disuse for so long it's completely clogged and useless. The cartridges probably cost more than a new printer.

My dad's printer, on the other hand, is an all-in-one. It's a pretty old printer and he almost never uses is except for the occasional print job but from time to time he has the need to scan something and it's great to have the scanner feature available. It'd be the same for the fax and photo printing for a lot of people as well. I suspect that not everyone needs a fax every day but when you need it, it's great to have it.

Now this sale's primary purpose, I suppose, is back to school. All the stuff I mentioned earlier (fax, scanner, copier, etc...) are great features to have, especially packed into one small unit. When I was in college I more than once had to go from my place to the school to use a printer or pay them 10 cents to send a fax. I wish I had one of these.

So no matter what your price range or use case, there is something here for you. Check it out and pick one up while the deal is hot!

(Expires: 2nd September 2012)


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