Save up to 50% off Photography Books Save up to 50% off Photography Books

Amazon Canada has some major deals on a bunch of photo books. Whether you are an admirer, an editor or a photographer, there is something here for you.

There are 62 books on sale here. These are a few of the choices available:

I think photography is unique in that it can be self-taught to quite a large degree. It seems like if you have the artistic skill, the technical skills aren't that hard to figure out. Tools like these books are a great help if you are lacking on the technical side of things. I'm not saying that buying a $26 book is going to make you into the next Trey Ratcliff but it can't hurt. There aren't many other things that can be taught like that. The tool isn't hard to master it's what you do with it that cannot be taught. How philosophical of me.

The range of books here is actually quite staggering. I don't know much about photography but it seems like they have everything you could ever want here; even books full of nice photography to inspire other photographers or to be admired by people like me. Some of the books are even product specific to the point of naming specific camera companies in the title.

(Expires: 30th September 2012)


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