Omega Paw Roll N Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box (L) Was $56 | Now $37 & Free Shipping Omega Paw Roll N Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box (L) Was $56 | Now $37 & Free Shipping


Anyone who owns a cat knows the worst part of cat ownership is cleaning the litter box. Simplify your life with the Omega Paw Roll N Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box (Large) that was $55.99 and is now $36.99 with free shipping.

This is the large model, which I had to keep in mind when price comparing. The large model is best for big male cats or houses with multiple felines. I found the same box at other Canadian retailers for:

  • $36.99 + shipping @ Bed, Bath & Beyond Canada
  • $43.49 @ Costco Canada
  • $71.47 @ Petland Canada

Bed, Bath, and Beyond has the same price but you need to add shipping on top of it. after shipping, it is not quite as good of a deal.

If you own a cat, then you need this. The rolling litter box separates out the clumps from the loose litter with a unique grill. The clumped waste is then deposited into a pullout tray that you can easily slide out and empty. Currently, the medium size box is $39.19 on Amazon Canada, so the large is even cheaper than the medium right now.

The steps are simple. Roll the litter box to the right until the top touches the floor. Roll it back into the upright position and then pull out the scoop. Presto - the litter box has been cleaned and you just need to dispose of the remnants.

The Omega Paw Roll N Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box works best will silica and clumping litters. I am not sure how it would handle the biodegradable litters that come in pellets. If anyone knows, please let me know!

Most reviewers rave about this litter box. As one reviewer says:

I bow down in reverence to the creator of this design. Never has litter maintenance been so quick, so easy, and so clean! I am telling everyone I know with a cat about this fabulous invention!

As the owner of a rather beefy cat myself, I know I would need to buy the large for my fur-ball. This litter box has garnered an average 4.2/5 star rating on Amazon with over 200 reviews. While there are some people this box did not work for, the vast majority love it to death. I am about tired of scooping cat litter, so this is next on my shopping list.

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