Kindle eReader Was $79 | Now $49 for Prime Members *HOT* (EXPIRED) Kindle eReader Was $79 | Now $49 for Prime Members *HOT* (EXPIRED)


You must have figured out by now that it is Amazon Prime Day - quickly becoming one of the best sales days of the year. While we are pouring our energy into composite deal posts, I also wanted to mention the gorgeous deal on this Kindle, 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi. Originally $79, the eReader is now on sale for $49 with free shipping.

This deal is only available to Prime Members. If you are not a Prime Member, you can sign up for a trial membership - as detailed here.

Now, we have seen deals before on this eReader. It has dropped as low as $59.99 once at The Source, but Amazon Canada's own deals only brought it down to $64 before. This Prime Day discount is the absolute lowest this device has ever been.

Here is a price comparison to demonstrate just how good of a deal this really is. The same Kindle eReader retails for $79 @ Staples Canada and $79.99 @ The Source Canada. I do not see this on sale anywhere else.

You get one industrious little eReader with the Kindle. The device comes equipped with a touch screen display that reads like real paper. There is no screen glare even when you are reading outside in bright sunlight. The device is also lighter than a paperback book and fits into your pocket for easy transportation.

Compared to the previous version, this Kindle comes with twice the on-device book storage - 4GB - to store thousands of books on one slim device. The faster processor makes page turning seamless and the Kindle now includes integration with all those necessary apps like Goodreads, Vocabulary Builder, Word Wise, Kindle FreeTime, and more.

The eReader battery will last for weeks instead of hours or a day like your tablet. Depending on how heavy you use the device, you could technically charge it once a month. With built in Wi-Fi, transferring books to your new eReader is fast. Average length books will take a minute or two to transfer. Also, with a Wi-Fi connection you can download books on the go. Shaw hotspots are great for free internet access while you are out.

This device is only discounted to this price today for Prime Members! I suggest checking out a free trial of Prime in order to save a boatload of money on this sweet little Kindle eReader.

(Expiry: 15th July 2015)


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