Allergy Alert Labels for 50% Off, Free Shipping @ Mabel's Labels

Allergy Alert Labels for 50% Off, Free Shipping @ Mabel's Labels

My 8-year-old loves to tell people that she's allergic to mosquito bites. Anyone who has her attention for more than a few minutes is going to hear about it from her. Truth is, she does have a mild allergy, but thankfully it's not nearly the devastating medical condition that she'd have you believe.

There are however kids in her school and daycare that do have very serious and terrifying allergies to things like tree nuts and bee stings. I know some of these children and their parents well and am acutely aware of how something as basic as sending your kid to camp, or a local birthday party, becomes a scary and stressful event for all involved.

As most parents scramble to book kids into camps and activities this summer, parents of a child with a serious allergy, or even a food sensitivity have a whole other layer of concern to contend with, which is why Mabel's Labels is offering 50% off on their Allergy Alert labels until May 24, to help ease some of the stress of sending an allergic kid into a new situation, with new staff and kids who may not be aware of their condition.

These labels are excellent. We use the name labels on everything at my house. They are dishwasher safe, very durable—we've yet to have one fall off! The allergy labels in particular are large (about 1.5" in diameter) and their bright red colour makes them stand out on just about everything.

Right now you'll get a 24 pack of customizable labels—you can personalize them with your child's name and allergy—for just $10.50 (regularly $21) or a 16 pack of their pre-set food allergy labels (choose from Dairy, Egg, Fish, Gluten, Peanut, Shellfish, Soy, or Tree Nut Allergy) for just $7.50 (regularly $15).

By the way, my youngest will tell you she's allergic to mushrooms. She's not even remotely allergic to mushrooms but at the ripe ol' age of three has figured out that most people won't make you eat them if you say that. Needless to say she will not be receiving any labels.

Shipping is free!

(Expires May 24, 2016)


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