All-In-One Garden Folding Stool, Tool Bag and Five Tools for $50 @

All-In-One Garden Folding Stool, Tool Bag and Five Tools for $50 @

I was looking for some cute gardening gloves when I stumbled upon this GardenHOME all-in-one garden kit, which includes steel framed folding stool, tote bag for your tools and five stainless steel tools with wood handles. The product caught my eye before the price, but then I saw that it's on sale for $50, down from $75, plus free shipping.

Need it. Actually not for me, but for my mom! My tiny city garden hardly warrants a stool like this, but our family cottage sits on a large property and takes a LOT of work to maintain. My mom is an avid (and talented) gardener and still does not own a gardening stool. I think it's time!

The tool tote on it's own is such a handy carry-all. This I could certainly use, to organize my tools and save me trips from front yard to garage. The tools included are trowel, trans-planter, cultivator, weeding fork, and rake. A good quality tool set like that can almost run you $50 on it's own!

Then, the folding stool! Steel frame, polyester seat and you can attach the bag under the seat so everything is contained while you—or your mom—works.

Shipping is free on this all-in-one gardening stool, bag and tools from

Who is the gardener in your family?


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