All Hasbro Games Just $9.97 @

All Hasbro Games Just $9.97 @

Every Easter the bunny leaves at least one board game for the kiddos at my house. I thought I would have a look at Toys R Us and see what games they had available this year, and to my surprise I found that all the Hasbro board games are on sale for $9.97! These games even qualify for free shipping when you spend over $49.

These board games would normally cost you anywhere between $14.99 and $24.99, so you're getting quite a steal. Pick up the old favourites, at at this low or a price you ca even try something new.

Hasbro makes the classics that all the kids love like Operation, Battleshipand Jenga. There are even some games that I want to try myself like Scrabble Juniorwith my little one. That is a fun way to learn about spelling and such, don't you think?

Pie Face is also made by Hasbro, but as I guessed it is not on sale at this current point in time. It would be a good item to put in your shopping cart to get your total closer to $49 for free shipping though.

Get free shipping on everything when you spend $49 or more at Toys R Us Canada online. Unfortunately this offer seems to only be available online, but their shipping is pretty quick so it won't belong before you receive your half price board games.

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